Posted by Ryan Astle dot 14 November 2018

Global logistics is an industry that’s not only growing, but is ripe for disruption as new technologies are set to have a major impact on supply chain management systems. Business owners and their executives are facing shipping logistics challenges such as the need for increased supply chain visibility, digitisation and data integrity.

Blockchain technology, which was originally designed for digital currencies like Bitcoin, is providing businesses with a way to automate trust across their supply chains. For all intents and purposes, blockchain is becoming a new kind of Internet that is robust and incorruptible. A strong desire from the logistics industry to harness its potential is creating a new market for blockchain-based applications and supply chain software.


Our latest insights paper, All aboard the good ship Disruption for logistics app developers, takes a look at the kinds of industries that are facing logistics challenges and are in need of SCM software solutions to facilitate improved supply chain management. From medical products to military hardware, a number of sectors are ripe for disruption, and it will be the technology innovators that are at the forefront of the change.

The first step for logistics app developers is to find a platform and attach themselves to it. Think of recent platforms that have dominated their markets like Amazon, Uber and Airbnb. Global logistics is headed in the same direction and the potential is just as big.

As a ‘fat platform’, CargoChain has extensive pre-built supply chain functionality and workflows that mirror the real-world physical flow of cargo. This enables application developers to rapidly build and deploy solutions in a way that is currently not possible. Building new applications on CargoChain, or connecting existing applications to CargoChain, is easy, fast and cost effective.

As an independent player in the industry, CargoChain exists to help supply chain partners and actors share cargo information and solve problems. Thousands of apps and DApps (decentralised apps) will be deployed over the CargoChain Platform solving real-world supply chain problems. Eventually these apps and DApps will be available and accessible in the CargoChain Web Store.

There can be little doubt that getting in at the beginning of this new trend to develop supply chain solutions will be exciting and profitable for supply chain management software developers. Especially since there’s unlimited opportunities to build and enhance reputations and to be at the forefront of a new era of global logistics and supply chain management. To find out more, download our latest Insights paper, All aboard the good ship Disruption for logistics app developers.

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