Posted by Ryan Astle dot 14 November 2018

There’s a revolution taking place right now in the world of global logistics. Outdated paper-based processes and pre-Internet technologies are being replaced by new innovations including blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). As these new technologies are being increasingly harnessed to benefit global supply chains, a whole world of opportunity is opening up for app developers.

Business owners and executives are under increasing pressure to find ways to make their supply chain management systems more efficient and customer-centric. This means they’re on the hunt to partner with software development companies who can harness the latest technologies to create SCM software with enhanced visibility, so they can readily communicate the location and state of their cargo enabling them to make real-time business decision.


As more and more companies around the globe seek to outsource their supply chain development, it opens up an exciting range of opportunities for app and DApp (decentralised app) developers to create new supply chain software such as shipping apps and transport apps. Those who are successful have a strong chance to build a reputation in an emerging industry.

Our latest insights paper, Global logistics: the new frontier for software development companies, goes into detail about the opportunities for developing and integrating new technology in supply chains, why executives want to outsource their supply chain development, and how software developers can help businesses transform supply chains with disruptive technology. You can download Global logistics here.

Topics: Supply chain app development