Posted by Ryan Astle dot 14 November 2018

What's becoming increasingly clear within the global logistics industry is that supply chain management is ripe for disruption. With the rise of blockchain technology and the need for businesses to provide more visibility across their supply chains, there are growing and potentially lucrative opportunities for logistics software developers to get in on the action.

Our latest insights paper, All aboard the good ship Disruption for logistics app developers, we take an in-depth look at those opportunities, and how logistics app developers are poised to take advantage of a market that's set for major growth.


So what kinds of industries are experiencing issues with their supply chain management systems?

  • Food
    Quality and safety standards are critical. There is a need for supply chain participants to track the current location of their cargo and to trace the journey it has taken right from the beginning.
  • Consumer goods
    There is a focus on minimising cost and ensuring cargo is delivered to retailers as quickly as possible, as well as tracing and reconciling cargo information.

  • Medical and biotech
    Patient safety is critical. There is a need to ensure the integrity and safety of medical products with temperature, humidity and vibration readings needing to be monitored.

  • Automotive
    There is a need to provide visibility of the location and state of vehicles and their constituent parts to ensure a streamlined production line.

  • Military, government and aerospace
    There is a lack of supply chain visibility due to fragmented, archaic software which means integration can be a struggle and expensive, high-margin project cargo is lost regularly.

  • Insurance
    Logistics app developers have a real value proposition for insurance companies in being able to collect information across the supply chain, and then data mining it to determine the true risk of providing policies.

For logistics app developers, once you have settled on a problem you want to solve then the most cost-effective way of providing a supply chain solution is to partner with a platform that has done a majority of the heavy lifting. CargoChain is an information sharing and innovation platform for the global supply chain. With deep supply chain functionality and workflows, CargoChain provides a digital replica of the way cargo flows through the physical supply chain. This allows application developers to rapidly build and deploy solutions across industries and geographies. Read the insights paper All aboard the good ship Disruption for logistics app developers here.

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