Posted by Ryan Astle dot 9 October 2018

Whether your business is an international one, or operating domestically, when it comes to moving your goods from place to place you’ll know for certain that things are changing. Customers have been empowered by the information and access the Internet gives them. There is rising demand for greater supply chain visibility, and better service at more affordable prices.

Although the current trade system has been in place for centuries and has served businesses and their customers well, it doesn’t mean that the time’s not ripe for a shift in the way global supply chains operate. You might have been wondering yourself lately about the challenges facing your own supply chain management.

Our new Insights paper, I can't see clearly now takes a detailed look at the challenges facing global supply chain management and why the way information is shared needs to be re-imagined.


What we’ve got now means there’s no real room for disruptive innovation using technology. The Insights paper describes how an ‘inside-out’ supply chain strategy is needed to drive the kind of global cooperation required to achieve significant change.

Is this kind of transformation possible? Will we see an Uber of shipping? An Airbnb equivalent of ports? The Insights paper looks at this in detail, as well as:

  • The need to transform the sharing of information
  • How to look at cargo information in a fundamentally different way
  • How to share information about cargo in an easier, more open but still trust-based way

How can we re-imagine the global sharing of logistics information? It takes two radically different perspectives: a shared, cargo-centric model, and a distributed ‘system’ approach.

If you’re keen to learn more about how modern digital technology offers exciting possibilities for radical improvement to the supply chain logistics industry, download our new insights paper I can't see clearly now.

Topics: Supply chain visibility