Posted by Ryan Astle dot 25 March 2019

Port Strategy magazine recently spoke to several terminal operating system (TOS) vendors about digital technology and how to challenge the status quo.

While all vendors agreed that it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest technology, they disagreed on which aspects to concentrate on. Blockchain is possibly the area of most uncertainty.

Miles Varghese, Head of Sales at Miami-based Cetus Labs tells clients "Not to take blockchain too seriously. The main focus is to get rid of pen and paper and move to digital methods.”

While Kaustubh Dalvi, President of Global Sales at New Zealand-based Jade Logistics takes a different view. "Digital platforms will play a key role in the future of collaboration and sharing of information among supply chain actors. While blockchain is still in its infancy with respect to its place in the global supply chain, Master Terminal already integrates with the CargoChain information sharing platform which utilises blockchain as a means of proofing that all information stored is accurate and unaltered.”

You can read the full article here: Finding a perfect operating fit for every size.



Topics: Blockchain supply chain