Posted by Ryan Astle dot 14 November 2018

With the rise of new technologies, businesses involved in the global supply chain are demonstrating an increased demand for logistics software apps that can help them keep up with the changing world and ensure they remain competitive.

This means that supply chain software apps are now considered a critical, competitive factor in global trade and logistics. It’s no secret that supply chains work best when all the key elements are integrated from end-to-end. Being able to coordinate people, products and processes is essential for effective supply chain management. However, it’s always been one of the major challenges, because traditional supply chain solutions often lack cross-functional integration.


This is a key challenge that business owners and executives will be looking to supply chain app developers to meet, as the need to harness technology such as blockchain not only increases, but becomes imperative.

A great example of this is the rise of apps in supply chain management, which is only set to increase with the Supply & Demand Chain (SDC) estimating that there will be 200 billion smart devices in use by 2020. Devices will outnumber people by a ratio of 26 to one.

New technologies such as CargoChain’s Platform mean businesses can make use of real-time visibility. In a supply chain, products are constantly moving. A business and its partners want to know where they are at all times. When you use CargoChain, this info is readily available.

Supply chain management is big business. No business that’s involved in global shipping and trade can afford to ignore the rise of technology in the industry. There will be an increased need for software developers to create customised SCM software solutions offering huge scope for developers to not only make a name for themselves, but to be out front when it comes to emerging supply chain technologies.

Our latest Insights paper, Global logistics: the new frontier for software development companies, goes into detail about the opportunities for developing and integrating new technology in supply chains, why executives may want to outsource their supply chain development, and how software developers can help businesses to transform supply chains with disruptive technology. You can download Global logistics here.

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