No other platform supports the supply chain development community like CargoChain

With the world’s largest repository of rich cargo information providing a single source of the truth to all supply chain actors, CargoChain will be the foundation of all supply chain applications.

The distribution of rich cargo information, in a secure manner, will speed up supply chains globally. CargoChain is a blockchain platform for application developers to build and deploy supply chain solutions enabling the secure distribution of previously unavailable cargo information among trusted partners.

Foundation of all applications

By providing communities of application developers with the ability to access and share rich cargo information, CargoChain enables the delivery of cost-effective supply chain solutions. CargoChain applications allow all participants, regardless of size, to make better business decisions.

Powering application developers to deliver cost-effective supply chain solutions.

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Enabling innovation

CargoChain enables the rapid development of cost-effective applications that solve supply chain problems of any size.

Quickly develop applications that solve any supply chain problem of any size.

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Real-world replication

CargoChain’s Information Sharing Protocol and Platform, with deep supply chain functionality and workflows, provides a digital replica of the way cargo flows through the physical supply chain. This allows application developers to rapidly build and deploy solutions in a way that is currently not possible.

We provide a digital replica of the way cargo flows through the physical supply chain.

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As an independent player in the industry, CargoChain exists to help supply chain application developers solve industry-wide problems without barriers. No enforced business processes, no set standards, no inflexible permissions; just the ability to seamlessly share information about the only thing that matters – the cargo.

We exist to help application developers solve supply chain problems without barriers.

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