If you are interested in using CargoChain please talk to us. Let us know what supply chain problem(s) you are looking to solve and we will contact you.

CargoChain is augmented blockchain technology. Developed specifically for the supply chain and through integration with blockchain, it not only guarantees the validity of cargo transactions, but also allows the update and retention of vast quantities of rich data related to specific cargo items stored outside the blockchain network.

The choice is yours. CargoChain does everything EDI does and more. You can exchange not only text, but also videos, photos, files and either structured or unstructured text. You can also create your own schemas, ensuring you receive the data that you require. All information is instantly readable to business users through a user interface. However, we realize that completely replacing EDI would be an unrealistic goal for many of you so we enable you to import EDI into CargoChain through an application, and you can supplement this with any further data you wish to add using CargoChain.

We have developed an API that allows you to integrate with CargoChain. We also have a user interface where you can upload cargo manually.


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