The CargoChain Platform has been designed in a way that provides flexibility, capability and security

CargoChain’s technology philosophy is to use open, modern technologies, to scale for unlimited growth, maintain complete availability, and provide the most trusted and secure environment.

The Platform

The CargoChain Platform is the foundation upon which all supply chain applications can be built. With comprehensive pre-built supply chain functionality that mirrors the real-world physical flow of cargo, and the ability to access and share rich cargo information, CargoChain enables the rapid development of cost-effective supply chain solutions. This democratises the information supply chain, powering applications that allow all participants, regardless of size, to make better business decisions.

The CargoChain Platform is the foundation upon which all supply chain applications can be built.

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The Protocol

At the core of the CargoChain Platform is a revolutionary Information Sharing Protocol. It enables cargo information to be shared with any trusted partner. Once shared, the trusted partner will have the same level of visibility of the cargo information during its journey through the supply chain. Alternatively, a permissioned view can be shared with select details only. The protocol provides applications and users end-to-end visibility of cargo information to a level that has not previously been available.

At the core of CargoChain is a revolutionary Information Sharing Protocol.

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CargoChain is one of the few supply chain solutions that has blockchain as an integral working part of its platform. All cargo events are recorded on-chain, following the execution of a smart contract as cargo changes hands, while rich cargo data is stored off-chain. You can have complete trust in all information recorded on CargoChain as our use of blockchain provides immutable proof of all cargo events at any given point in time as cargo moves along the supply chain.

CargoChain uses blockchain to provide immutable proof of all cargo events.

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Security of the data will be paramount, with CargoChain providing Swiss bank-level security and a separate system for user authentication. Access to cargo data is only provided to those who have been properly authorised as a trusted partner by the data owner.

CargoChain will provide Swiss bank-level security.

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