CargoChain is effectively unlimited in terms of the nature of supply chain applications our platform can support

Our vision at CargoChain is to democratise the supply chain by providing our platform to application developers globally and allowing them to solve the world’s supply chain problems for all actors, large or small.

CargoChain is already proving popular across a range of different use cases including provenance, insurance, food integrity and trade finance.

CargoChain Use Case - Insurance

Insurance companies rely on information. In order to underwrite more efficiently they need to accumulate knowledge about the actual costs and rate of claims being filed. CargoChain provides a value proposition to insurance companies in its ability to collect information across the supply chain that can be data mined to determine the true risk of providing policies. The increased transparency and accountability that CargoChain affords ensures liability is easier to trace and mitigates loses.

CargoChain provides a value proposition to insurance companies in its ability to collect information across the supply chain.

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CargoChain Use Case - Provenance

Consumer demand for visibility across supply chains is changing the face of the industry. People are wanting provenance. They want to know that their food is organic, that their clothes have been ethically sourced, that they aren't purchasing "blood diamonds", the list goes on. CargoChain enables users to view the origin of their product and provides an immutable record of events throughout the product's journey across a supply chain. A full chain of custody is recorded for each product ensuring a user has visibility of all parties involved in the product's transportation. All events are pushed to a public blockchain ensuring all information on CargoChain can be trusted.

CargoChain provides a historical record for a product from its origin across a supply chain including a full chain of custody.

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CargoChain Use Case - Trade Finance

Trade finance today is a long, drawn-out and costly process. Typically involving a large number of players and a mountain of paperwork, the admin-intensive manual process is crying out to be digitised. CargoChain’s blockchain platform will enable the process to be carried out in the cloud with all relevant parties being able to access information in real time.

CargoChain’s blockchain platform will enable the trade finance process to be carried out in the cloud.

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CargoChain Use Case - Food Integrity

The aim of a food supply chain is to ensure food arrives at its destination in whole and in perfect condition. Unfortunately, the integrity of food is under constant threat from fraudulently labelled imitations. A large number of players, both large and small, are therefore looking to take the lead in driving food quality and safety standards in order to increase consumer trust. Combined with IoT, CargoChain enables users to track the state of food products to minimise spoilage and wastage. CargoChain also enables users to track the current location of cargo and to trace the journey it has taken from origin. Each piece of cargo has an immutable record of events which is stored on a public blockchain which provides proof that information has not been altered. CargoChain can therefore be used to authenticate, verify, permanently record and provide ongoing reporting in relation to the transfer of ownership and provenance of goods. By enabling end-to-end safety CargoChain ensures counterfeit food is mitigated and helps avoid situations like the UK horse meat and Chinese infant formula scandals.

CargoChain enables users to provide assurance to their consumers and other stakeholders about the safety, authenticity and quality of food.

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CargoChain Use Cases