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An immutable chain of custody for the COVID-19 vaccine.

VaxTrack, powered by FileVision, guarantees that patients and providers can verify the authenticity and safety of the vaccine, while also ensuring proper and efficient handling throughout the supply chain. 

VaxTrack improves:

  • Speed - The self-service application, built by FileVision, accelerates registration, reduces documentation errors, automates patient communication and provides immutable certification for individual immunization
  • Standardization - VaxTrack is easily accessed and will be available to everyone - providing a standard reporting process.
  • Safety - CargoChain’s blockchain-enabled architecture guarantees that patients and providers can verify the authenticity and safety of the vaccine with VaxTrack, improving public trust and lifting overall participation.
  • Social equality - Enables federal, state and local authorities to demonstrate with absolute certainty that vaccine availability is being distributed equally to every socio-economic segment across the United States and around the world. Verifiable data brings increased insurance to every socio-economic group and ensures no group is overlooked. 

VaxTrack also provides national and local authorities verifiable evidence of product supply, condition, location, and socially equitable distribution.

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Foundation of all applications

By providing communities of application developers with the ability to access and share rich cargo information, CargoChain enables the delivery of cost-effective supply chain solutions. CargoChain applications allow all participants, regardless of size, to make better business decisions.

Powering application developers to deliver cost-effective supply chain solutions.

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Enabling innovation

CargoChain enables the rapid development of cost-effective applications that solve supply chain problems of any size.

Quickly develop applications that solve any supply chain problem of any size.

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Real-world replication

CargoChain’s Information Sharing Protocol and Platform, with deep supply chain functionality and workflows, provides a digital replica of the way cargo flows through the physical supply chain. This allows application developers to rapidly build and deploy solutions in a way that is currently not possible.

We provide a digital replica of the way cargo flows through the physical supply chain.

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As an independent player in the industry, CargoChain exists to help supply chain application developers solve industry-wide problems without barriers. No enforced business processes, no set standards, no inflexible permissions; just the ability to seamlessly share information about the only thing that matters – the cargo.

We exist to help application developers solve supply chain problems without barriers.

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