The information backbone

The information backbone of the physical supply chain, CargoChain supports the distribution of previously unavailable cargo information, and the development of third-party applications that will redefine the global information supply chain.

The ability to share information about the movement and state of cargo among all supply chain participants has the power to transform the global supply chain. 

Who shares wins

Sharing today is point-to-point, rife with administration issues, and visibility is limited.

CargoChain uses a secure trust-based model, that enables you to collaborate by sharing cargo information to trusted partners. For instance, if you are a consignor you can provide a consignee visibility of cargo, allowing them to see real-time information and make business decisions immediately.

Share what you want, with who you want.

Share what you want, with who you want.

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Cargo visibility platform

Visibility of cargo is not only location, it’s intelligence. As cargo moves through the supply chain, data can be stored in multiple systems making it difficult to trace and reconcile cargo information.

With CargoChain you have one integrated view of cargo, and because we accept rich information you can instantly report on not just the whereabouts of the cargo, but also its status. Each piece of cargo has its own profile where documentation can be added, and events recorded, making it the single source of truth.

Visibility of cargo is not only location, it’s intelligence.

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Cargo centric

Cargo is the only common denominator in the global supply chain.

With that in mind we have adopted a cargo-centric approach. By focusing on the cargo – the reason the supply chain exists – we have developed CargoChain at the most granular level, making it relevant to anyone in the supply chain. This contrasts with the majority of the industry that have taken shipment, transport or container-centric approaches, which significantly narrows the relevance of the solutions being offered.

As an independent player in the industry, we exist to help you and your supply chain partners share cargo information in the cloud. No enforced business processes, no set standards, just the ability to share information about the only thing that matters – the cargo being moved.

We have developed CargoChain by focusing on the cargo, the reason the supply chain exists.

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Rich content

Access to more information about your cargo enables better business decision making and greater levels of customer service.

But you can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s technology. Your customers are demanding information that cannot be delivered by EDI, an outdated exchange protocol restricted to pre-agreed text fields on a point-to-point basis.

Exchange rich cargo-related content including videos and photos.

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